Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am dreaming of a sunny christmas


But thanks to my eurocentric upbringing, we still think in terms of Santa and snow.  Even if South African christmas is more about getting bloody hot, lying by the pool under the african sun and eating ice cream.  But never fear!  That does not stop me from thinking that Santa, or Father Christmas, as we call him here rocks and we still try to be good the whole year round to get onto his list!  And i think i have been very good this year, indeed!

Also i love traditional christmas decor!  So in light of my bad week, my exhaustion, i am choosing to : "Honour christmas and keep it in my heart the whole year round".  I am dreaming of my festive season that is so close that i can taste it.  I am thinking of the fun of putting up my tree this weekend, baking this weekend, buying G's birthday present, his birthday next week.  The party the week afterwards.  The road trip to the coast.  No more energy vampires allowed here!!!

Roll on christmas!

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