Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cookies and cream

I love christmas.  I love baking.  I love cookies.  So in my mind Christmas = baking = cookies.  Which we actually call biscuits here in South Africs.  Being just one step from British, with our colonial roots etc!

So, although i have about 15 books on baking and three just on biscuits alone, i was forced to go onto Kalahari (South African Amazon) and order myself these two books.  And because i was forced to buy these two books (which are eagerly awaited. Ten days seem so long.), i was forced to buy a stunning range of metal biscuit cutters, in cute shapes like bells, reindeers, stars, planes, trains and cars.  I have a set of 100 cutters, but they are plastic and i dont like working with them.  I find that they struggle to cut through the dough.  Part of the problem is that i know that i should put the dough in the fridge so that its easier to work with, but once i start, I hate to stop and am just plain impatient.

So i am rubbing my hands in glee and hoping that the little book making fairies over in America, make my books, pack them up and post them over to Africa as soon as possible!  Until then i will just look at the covers and drool.

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