Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cool as ice cream

As in me and not the weather, which in insanely hot and lovely.  We are cooking here people!  Basking under the African sun.

Some useless snippets about my life right now:
  • I had a great time with my cousins last night, especially my hilarious chat with Loo last night about the funnier side of dating and men....
  • I love the keyboard that i was able to buy Gabriel for his birthday.  I know that it is so extravagant but i am grateful that i can give him the opportunity to experience new things.
  • The fact that my cell phone is fixed is wonderful.  Hurray for Justin!
  • We are planning to put up the xmas tree this week.  Should it be today or tomorrow?
  • The weather is so wonderful..... I think we will braai tonight just so that we can be outside together.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend....

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