Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday night....

Its friday night.  Its raining outside.  Its been raining for three days. Non stop.  I am so glad it friday!  Have i mentioned that I am so glad its friday.  I dragged myself away from my pity party (see previous post).  The thing with pity parties is that you are normally the only one there and somehow you can only commiserate with yourself on how hard your life is for so long.  You soon get distracted.  So i got over the cutting of my leave.  I got over what an ass my boss is.  I even got over the crap weather. I slogged through the week, surviving by bunking a few hours for coffee with a friend, getting an afternoon off, singing loudly to dance music in the car and going to gym to run on the treadmill and pretend that i was stomping on my boss's face.  Healthy!

So i am feeling better.  I have three weeks before i go on leave.  I will be off for three weeks and then back for 5 days and then off for three more days.  I also feel better because i have managed to slog through some of the horrible domestic chores that have been hanging over my head.  I sorted out the tax and made the deadline by the skin of my teeth.  I got my son's stationary for next year.  I got the car serviced.  I bought all the stuff for the boys birthday party.  And i feel lighter, with some responsibility off my shoulders.

Now i have a friday night where we got pizza, i am already in my gown and slippers and the DVD has been rented and waiting for the kids to sleep.  (We are still in the stage where if you dont want to watch disney cartoons, you need to wait for the kids to sleep.)  Tomorrow, i want to start to make a dent on some of the Christmas shopping and then we have a family kids birthday party in the afternoon.  Sunday lies open and unplanned for, although we are intending to do the family gym thing and then go and have breakfast.

I am also beyond excited about christmas.  Which is really strange.  I have a terrible christmas addiction, even through i am atheist.  I just love the decor and the cookies.  We always put up the tree and decor on the 1st December but i have already snuck out some stuff.  I will try not to blind my family with all the tinsel on the 1st!  I also ordered two christmas cookie recipe books off the internet.  So i need to get the cousins and friends together for a christmas baking session.  Um sugar and cake.....  I am sure i can twist the girls arms!

Wishing you a restful weekend.  Remember if you are feeling tired at this time of the year, you are not alone!  It is always mad before the peace of the holidays.  So just take care of yourself and ride out the crazy work stuff, the christmas parties, the holiday arrangements.....  Soon you will be holiday, stuffing your face with all the chocs that santa is bringing you.....


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