Sunday, November 22, 2009


Every now and then life cuts you a break.  This weekend was one of those unexpected breaks.  I was able to rest and replenish my spirit.  So as one of my close friends I am going to let you in on a little secret….. I think that I may just make it for three more weeks until I go on leave!
Right now, I am grateful for:
  • The kids not getting seriously ill this weekend.  They were both borderline on Saturday with running noses and a slight fever but seem to have overcome the germs.
  • The sun that came out and gave me hope on Sunday.
  • That i managed to do some baking with the kids on Saturday.  We made biscuits. Gabby got to drive the electric beater and Seth cut them out.  We had a ball, they tasted great and we all ate so many of them we felt ill.
  • I got my butt to gym this morning and felt good for it.
  • I dug up my huge cross stitch UFO.  I have been working on this one and off for 3 year and it is all my fault for breaking my cardinal rule of working on another sampler in between (Seth's birth sampler.)  Its the miribilia pattern that is featured above.  It is very detailed and really a task.  I just want to finish it so that i can start something else.  At least i am still in love with it after all these years!  I am determined to finish it and have it framed for my entrance hall.
  • A good weekend were i was able to rest with the family, with no serious commitments.
  • The christmas ornaments that i am slowly sneaking out.  Next weekend is full d-day for decorating!  I am such an addict.
So I expect the usual drama tomorrow at work but right now all is well with the W's!

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