Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday night gratitudes

I love Sunday nights although they always leave me with a strange anxiety.  It is the calmest time of my weekend but I also know that the next day with bring usual madness again.  Perhaps i can hang onto this calmness just a little longer if i reflect on my gratitudes for this weekend:
  • I am grateful that i was able to take off these four days to assist my children to starting school.  I am grateful that i was able to be with them for this period and make this transition easier for them. 
  • I am grateful that both boys have adjusted so very well to their new schooling arrangements. I am grateful that Gabby likes his new teacher.  (I suspect that he may actually be a little bit smitten!)  He told me today that she is funny and nice and also instructed me to cover his books today PLEASE so that he wont upset her in any way.
  • I am grateful that i was able to do such a large chunk of scrapbooking and ensure that i captured the glorious memories that we made over christmas.
  • I am grateful that i survived the crazy financial period of two birthdays, christmas and our holiday without any debt.
  • I am grateful that i still feel so grounded.  
  • I am grateful that i was able to declutter so much this weekend.  I put built in shelves in my study and in the play room and the space that they offer is amazing!  I have been able to sort out all my books and DVD's and pack them neatly.  It has made such a difference to our space.
  • I am grateful that i could let me hair down last night, have cocktails with friends and not just be "Mom" for a while.  I am grateful that i am at a point in my life where i can do things like that and not be consumed by guilt like i was when Gabby was little.  I now know that carving out my space and caring for me makes me a better mom.  Anyway the boys still wake me up at 7am, hangover or not as punishment!  As long as they are safely at home in their beds with their dad, things are okay!
So i am back at work this week and now it is for the long haul!  The next break that i will have will be Easter where we hope to take off a couple of days and drive to the coast.

Wishing you a good week!

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