Saturday, January 23, 2010

No! Listen to me and stop teasing your brother!!!

I love being a mom!  It is my favourite role and my sons are without a doubt my absolute favourite things.  BUT, they can drive me crazy.  And i am not talking having a bad hour mad, i am talking cross eyed, screaming banshee crazy!  I have had one of those days!  Maybe its because it is gray and rainy and they have not had their outside time but my two boys are driving me cuckoo.  Of course, i try not to lose it and scream at them.  So i do a lot of muttering under my breath in teh kitchen while washing (banging!) dishes or throwing (read packing away) groceries.  Which is where my beloved hubby found me this morning.  He had gone to gym and when he left all was calm in the house.  I decided to make a good healthy cooked breakfast.  AND to show how good i was i was going to involve both kids in this lovely memory making moment!  Do you see the problem.  So it took me 20 minutes to fry two eggs, slap them onto toast and pour tomato sauce on them.  By this time my kids had poked each other, fought over the eggs, one had slammed his fingers in the fridge door and the little one was having a melt down because he could not fry the eggs (read boiling oil in a hot pan - not a good idea with a three year old)

I still kept my cool.  After they ate, it was time to get dressed.  They fought in the passage.  They both cried beccause they could not get into the shower with me. (I was not going to indulge them.  At this point i needed the out time).  I had to open the shower curtain and yell because they were fighting in the play room.  By the time i got out, i was losing it.  I walking in to find them fighting AGAIN!.  Okay, i told myself, okay, just breathe.  I got dressed.  Got them both dressed.  Stopped them fighting over the same toy again!!  At this point i had my freaky stepford mom smile on.  The one that means that i am just about to go postal, BIG TIME!

Still trying to sound chipper, i dragged both kids off to the lounge to put their shoes on.  Warfare!  I then gathered my keys and bag.  The plan was to take them to the shops.  Get them some new scenery.  Burn off some energy.  As i was leaving, i heard a blood curdling howl and walked into yet another sibling fight.  I am not proud to say that i lost it.  I had a temper tantrum which even made my three year old stop in his tracks.  I screamed and stamped my feet and flounced off to the kitchen.  (Yes, i know that they are 3 and 6 and i am 33, but.....)  Thankfully, Jason arrived back from his Yoga class, rested and calm and seeing the wild look in my eyes volunteered to take Gabriel off to watch a movie.  Of course Seth turned into an angelic cherub the moment that he was alone with me.  I then spent the rest of the morning feeling terrible that i had lost it with them.  This is not the right response from the social worker, montessori mom!  AARGGGHHH!

So yes!  Thats my tale of woe!  I love the devils and they can be so sweet!  When they are sweet, they are very, very sweet but when they are naughty they are horrid.  The teasing and the sibling rivalry really sets me off!  Please moms tell me that when they are teenagers it will be better?

Just to help me survived the rest of this rainy day, i have full intentions of rotting their brains and dumping them in front of the tv.  I have written off the new books i bought yesterday for them and stopped at the video store for a new movie.  Anything for peace!

Yours in sanity!

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