Monday, January 11, 2010

My spot

Do you have a favourite chair or spot in the house?  I do.  The kids know what i am referring to when i say "its by moms chair...".  It is a very comfortable wingback with a pouffe in front of it for putting my feet up.  It has a good floor light next to it so that i can see to sew and crochet and has a side table next to it for my sewing, coffee, tea etc.  I am sharing this because this is exactly where i am right now.  Actually where i usually am when i blog.  I love days like today because i have a real sense that the world is going madly but i am off it.  I am on leave for the next four days but unlike the christmas weeks when the world was quiet, the shops empty, the roads empty, i can hear the hustle and bustle outside.  But key to my contentment is that this madness does not encompass me today.

I have some chores to do today.  I need to go to gym with the kids and do some shopping afterwards.  But then i am home and need to finalised all the arrangments for Gabriels school tomorrow.  We had a busy weekend.  Seth slipped on a chair and a large splinter inserted itself under his toe nail and broke off.  It went right into the bed of his nail and was very painful.  So it was another trip off to the emergency ward.  This is the third one that we have done as both boys have had to have stitches before.  This was pretty minor in that the doctor just pulled it out and he was immediately better.  He even smiled for us after he got given a sucker.  But i hate such things and was so glad that Jason was here and could go with me.  Last time Seth slipped on the steps and had to have stitches i was alone and that was terrible.

I have a difficult task ahead of me today in that i need to make a awkward call.  In the last year i have had to family divorces, both of which stem from the fact that the wife is having an affair.  I find these so hard to manage as i am really old fashioned with regards to this.  I absolutely believe in commitment and fidelity.  I cannot understand the need to act upon the desire for another person.  I know that there is always temptation but the point is that when you are married you need to walk away.  I have tried very hard to stay out of the latest divorce which is still ongoing.  However last night i got a call from the wife, who is having the affair and initiating the divorce, asking me if i am avoiding her or angry with her about her behaviour.  I missed the call as i was putting the kids to sleep so only got the voice message and need to return the call this morning.  Truth is that i dont know what to say.  I actually supported the divorce as they were so unhappy together but that was when i thought it was just a clean break.  When i heard about the other person it made it more difficult for me.  Divorce brings in so many issues of loyalty, even within the larger family.  You dont want to take sides but it is very, very hard.  Truth be told i dont know what to say....

But right now i think that i will stay comfortably in my spot in my pj's and deal with this later.  Today is the last day with my kids for a while and i am not going to allow it to be blurred!



  1. I am completely on the same page of you about marriage. I honor it completely. I guess when Dave and I married we both knew it was for life. And the minute we had children there was a silent pact that we would be together for our entire life. I'm sorry that you have to deal with these family issues. They are difficult when you have different values.

  2. I agree completely about the marriage fidelity thing. You took a vow, does your word mean nothing? That couldn't be an easy call to make.
    Sorry about Seth. My Seth had stitches twice both in the same place. He slipped when he was really young and whacked under his chin really good. So what does he do, but a couple of years later fall out of bed and split the same spot. I've been grateful that all the times I've had to rush the kids to the emergency room hubby was able to go along too. Tina had to have stitches close to her eye when she was 3. Hubby who is very tall was lifting her up to put on his shoulders and forgot about the ceiling fan. Caught her right next to her eye. We're lucky that all she needed was stitches. Neil felt so bad.
    Well I hope you have a great 4 days off. It will be a 3 day weekend for us this coming weekend. Martin Luther King Jr day on Monday. I will be at a quilt show and I can't wait to go!! No hubby or kids, just me and my girlfriends - shopping, eating, viewing quilts, etc.

  3. Your wing chair sounds like such a comfortable retreat from the world! I'm glad you have a place to go to that lets you relax and take a step back from it all. Sometimes I need to take a day or two to just retreat into my inner self and not concern myself with the many stresses of life... enjoy your days off!