Sunday, January 10, 2010


  • Relaxing at home after a great gym work out.
  • Amazement that the boys are actually playing so peacefully together.  Gabriel has built a ramp for the toy cars off my dining room table and has co-opted Seth to hold bits of it up in the air.  Slavery but hey he is just so excited to be allowed to hang out with his big brother.
  • Bought two lunch boxes for G for next week and busy looking for cool kids lunch box ideas.  I always got stuck with uncool lunches and dont want to pass on the legacy.
  • Making huge stitching progress.
  • Excited that she has finally got a carpenter to put up another wall of book shelves and shelves in the play room.  Built in storage is the only way to go.  Finally i will have a place to put the hundreds of the books that are consuming my home.
  • Blissful about my one day work week next week.
  • Dreaming about all the scrapping that i am going to do next week.
  • Feeling just right, at peace, content.
  • Still have a wonderful empty Sunday afternoon.  What shall i do with this wonderful time bounty?  As little as possible.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I love the part about the "uncool" lunches! My mom always used to go all-out on my school lunches; so much so that all the kids would wonder what I brought that day. :) Good memories!

    It sounds like your afternoon is peaceful indeed!