Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Things i am loving right now.....

  • The pile of new books that i picked up at the second hand shop for a song yesterday.
  • The beyond cute little chinese suits that i bought for my boys. Both are made of silk, Gabriel's is black with red dragons and Seth's is royal blue with gold dragons. I will post pics soon.
  • The fact that the spring promise is revitalising me and i managed to take about 200 pictures on the weekend. YES, i did! I also popped into the scrapbooking shop and they were having a huge sale. I stocked up and i am planning to scrap this weekend. I find that all my craft trends come and go, in about an 8 week cycle. I will crochet madly and neglect my stitching. Then move to scrapbooking.
  • The fact that we are all well again. It is so good to have no germs around.
  • My garden is coming alive again. Everything is just springing green.
  • Our new trend is eating fruit and veggies again. I find it is a real spring, summer trend.
What are you loving right now?

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