Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Here comes the sun.....

As you can see from my title i am feeling a bit more cheerful today. For one thing i am feeling a bit better. I am over that miserable, shaky, early flu days and now just have a nagging cough. Secondly, Seth seems a bit better today. I have left him at home with the Nanny and want to keep him out of school for the rest of the week. Monday is a public holiday in South Africa, so that will give him a good six day stretch to recover and build up his strength. Most importantly its warmer. Jason and I both got out of bed easily this morning and declared that spring is just, just about to sprung! Hurray!

I am in between craft projects at the moment and feeling a bit lost. The thing is that i need to sit down and start something. I have boxes of materials, shelves of patterns but have to sit down, choose a pattern, pick out the material and get started. Am i the only one that hates that stage? I will work on it this weekend.

I was reading something in a issue of Oprah, where she asked people to reflect on what they know for sure. It made me think.
What i know for sure is:
  • That all you need is love. Really and truly. Sure, figuratively you need other things, but your soul will die without it. We all need it.
  • That family matters.
  • That you are the master of your own destiny. You control how you experience life, how you view things. That you can achieve just about anything that you put you mind to.
  • That we are stronger then we think. Everyday i see people doing simple but courageous things. It takes a lot of courage to get up, dress up and show up for life sometimes.
  • That i love my children more then i love myself, that my love for them is fierce, indestructible, unapologetically in-your-face, passionate. That nothing they could ever do could ever, ever change that.
  • That the simple things matter and the expensive things rarely do.
  • That the more expensive the car, cell phone and the clothes, the more insecure the person. Once you get into the rat race of competing around these matters, you are destined to lose your soul.
  • That a sound, kind, safe marriage is a great thing. It needs constant attention and requires a lot of forgiveness and forgetting.
So I would like to leave you with the question: What do you know for sure?


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