Saturday, August 29, 2009


Bliss. What does that word mean to you? For me it means space to be me. Space to be peaceful. Space to create. Space to make memories. Space to watch my children grow, experience life and give me joy. And today was a blissful day. I had a rather heavy, self inflicted evening on Thursday night and an early night on Friday. I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and well. It is so much warmer, brighter, lighter here. I went outside with the kids this morning and the earth is alive. Every bush, tree, plant is covered in new buds. My rose bushes are red with new leaves. The Jasmine is blooming. My lemon tree is covered in new green waxy leaves.

My cousin then joined me and we went of shopping. It was so great catching up with her. Both of our lives have been crazy lately so we have not been able to get together. But i always have a great time with her and love the chats over coffee. I then spent my afternoon scrapbooking. I started two new albums, one for each children and did four pages. I have not scrapped for a couple of weeks and it was great. It is a good way to feel like you are achieving something quickly and i love the way it enables me to capture moments in time for my children. I know i photograph more. I know that it helps me to capture my feelings and share them in a space where my children will be able to access them forever. I love that it enables me to document my children's rite of passage. I know no great way to remind them of how meaninful they are then to capture their lives for their own reflection. I find it has changed the way i look at the world and experiences. I find myself noticing when a "moment" or memory is being made and reaching for the camera.

I know that i have been rather painful about winter.... Well once again i am so excited about spring and when i saw this I had to reach for my camera .... so...... Bliss is seeing the trees in your space, covered overnight with the softest white, white blossoms..

And finally bliss is capturing these tender moments between my children. This one is so warming to me because it was so unposed. You just cant fake the love and tenderness of those nestled heads. They love each other so much it brings a lump to my throat.... If i am ever to have a monument in my life to my values of family, interconnectedness, it will be my sons....

And a sibling kiss!!! Priceless...... Seth is wearing the cute little fisherman's hat that i crocheted for him.... ( It is 100% cotton and i ran it up in an evening....)

Little boys' pockets hold magical things
Earthworms, apple cores, a mess of strings,
but this treasure is nothing to the wealth one find's
in little boys' hearts and little boys' minds....

Hoping that you have some bliss in your life right now.....



  1. Wow ... this blog is very beautiful. It reminded me of my four children and when they were small. Give a miss. Now I'm 50 years old and my kids (30,29,21 and 22) I miss when they were little and they loved it as the best dad in the world. Today, I am a stranger to them, not even talk to me. Miss. I am divorced, my ex-wife betrayed me with a teacher (a lawyer) and how they ended up with the children, made their head against me. This is considered a crime, "PARENTAL ALIENATION" but there's no way it can be justified. I hope only in God. If they come to me, will have my forgiveness, but their absence every day bothers me. Today I am remarried, but my wife can not have children because of age. This eventually cooling to our sex.

  2. Hi Allison,
    Finally a little moment to catch up on your life. I just love your posts. They always make me think. Hmmm... Bliss, quiet moments, soft rainy days (very rare here), puppy snuggles, kid snuggles (thankfully mine still enjoy a hug every now and then), a day to just hang around the house, clean it, play in it and fluff, hot cocoa when it's cold, finally finding the right item for that spot that's been bugging you forever and knowing it's the right item. I could go on and on.
    It sounds like we have a very similar climate only at opposite times of the year. Our winters are brown with quite a bit of fog. The saying here goes we have two seasons: summer and fog. You are right, we humans are never happy.
    The fabrics for the shabby chic shower curtain are not waterproof. They're just regular 100% quilter's fabric that I've been collecting for quite awhile now. I'll line it and I'll use a regular vinyl shower curtain to hang behind it.
    So where did you visit when you came to the U.S.? That would be so cool if you could visit here. Have you ever been to California? If I get over my fear of flying I'll come to South Africa. I have a friend who would love to see Africa. She watches the Africam on the web all the time. She's even learning swahillee (not sure about the spelling and I think that's wrong.)Hope you had a great weekend as you're ahead of us and about to have Sunday I believe. Take care and thanks for visiting.