Monday, August 10, 2009

Lessons from my dog

What a day. I had to go off to the doctor today and get antibiotics. So when i returned i took the handful of prescribed medication and went to die gracefully on my unmade bed. It was a real pity party! As i was lying there, half dead, i glanced out the door and saw my unapologetically happy lab, rolling on her back on the lawn, looking up into the branches of the tree, tail wagging for no particular reason and it struck me.... it really is a dog's life. Okay, granted, i do have one of the fattest, happiest dogs out, but i think the lesson is sound. Life should be simple and the big joys are the little ones. So friends, let me introduce you to Indigo, the chief food gobbler and face licker around her. (She calls it kisses).

Some lessons i think that i could learn from my dog:
  • Dont sweat the small stuff and it is all small stuff.
  • Make time by doing nothing.
  • Its okay if they shout at you for chewing up stuff, it will soon be 6pm and they will feed and pet you.
  • Lying in the sun with your belly in the air can cure a lot of heartache.
  • Dont withhold love, the more you give, the more you get.
  • Make friends with everyone, even the cat.
  • The best place in the world is your kennel.
So thanks Indigo for the life lesson. I am off for the rest of the week and am looking forward to it. I have dragged out some craft projects and hope to rest my body and soul this week. The kids will be back at school tomorrow, for which i am grateful. I really need some out time.

I hope your week gives you some unexpected gifts and remember when it doubt, go and roll on the lawn!


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  1. Hello Allison,
    You don't sound like you're any better. I'll make you some chicken soup and put you to bed. That should do it. NOW REST! but wait you're a mom and that's almost impossible. Sorry that I haven't been around to visit. I'm trying to finish up those last few things that need doing before school/work get in the way.
    I loved your last posts. Is a dummy a pacifier? My Seth gave his up willing also around 1 or 1 1/2 years old. Threw it at me twice and I never gave it back. He was fine after that. Tina never used one, but sucked the index finger on her right hand since the second she was born. That was harder to break and didn't happen until about nine. I suppose I could have cut off her finger but that seemed a tad drastic. JK, LOL. But because she sucked her finger so long she had to have major orthodontic work to the tune of about $8,000 which is a lot of Rs in your country or anyone's country for that matter.
    My dogs have taught me many lessons and my kitties too. Even my kids have taught me lessons and I've learned tons just home schooling them. I think if we'll allow life it will teach us lessons: like don't take yourself too seriously. Mistakes happen, can usually be fixed and in ten years are forgotten anyways.
    Well I've taken up enough of your blog space. Thanks for dropping by recently. I love getting comments from you. Neat to think that we can have internet friends clear around the world otherwise we would never have met. Reminds me of having pen pals when I was a kid. Now I'm dating myself. Feel better soon friend.
    Hearts, Amanda