Wednesday, July 28, 2010

No rumour!

It is getting warmer!  Much warmer!  I live in hope and dream of summer.  Only as i get to the end of the season do i realise that i really dislike winter. So much!

This is really a short post but some snippets:
  • I am finally having the odd things that have bothered me forever about my house fixed, the bathroom painted, the entrance hall tiled and my new dishwasher fitted.  I am in love!
  • I am off to a two day strategic planning session and hope to catch up on my cross stitch.   It is really not proper that i feel such bliss at the prospect of a night away from my kids! :)
  • We are in the swing of planning our september break.  We are looking at going away for a long weekend to Clarens, a small arty mountain town.  I have been looking at some wonderful accomodation and at some of the hikes and nature reserves that they have near by.  I really feel the need for a get away.
  • I volunteered to do a whole bunch of stuff for my son's school so besides the usual madness i am planning a food stall at their annual fete.  This involves co-ordinating 100 parents which is easier said then done.
Best wishes to you all!

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