Monday, July 26, 2010

Can you feel it?

I get a bit crazy this time of the year.  I have had enough of winter and start to long for summer.  This results in some semi psychotic behaviour where i start to look for the end of winter everywhere.  Is it getting warmer?  Are there more birds in the garden?  Now mostly this is just crazy wishful thinking and it is still really cold.

BUT, this weekend was not so!  It was warmer, much warmer.  I am not fooling myself that winter is really over, more likely a warm spell.  I think that we will have another cracker of a cold spell before it is over....Despite this we made the best of it.  Yesterday we had a braai and ate outside.  The sun was shining and the kids were inspired to play outside on the grass.  Oh, is it possible to miss summer with every ounce of your being?  I could smell the hope in the air.  I cant wait for green gardens and warm evenings, my kids in the pool every single day.  Salads for supper, rolls and cold meats being perfectly acceptable hot summer night fare.  Watermelons.  Sleeping with not a blanket on you and the window open so that you can feel the breeze.  Sigh!

Glad to announce that Seth has recovered from his illness and is doing much better.   Now if i could stop the sibling rivalrly......  Anyone have a recipe?  They love each other but boy can they fight!  The teasing is a bit much sometimes.  They are going to drive me to sugar which is really not on the menu right now as i try to gear myself up towards some pre spring weight loss.  I have got pounds to shift, girls.  Glad to say not much more then when winter started but still there none the less.....

I am sorry that the promise of our spring means the arrival of autumn for some of my far away visitors but none the less......  I  cant wait.....


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