Sunday, July 11, 2010

Viva South Africa soccer world cup 2010

For the last couple of weeks, South Africa and the world have been struck down with soccer fever.  Here is South Africa we have been overwhelmed by it all.  We have been hearing about the world cup for years, since it was awarded to us and have been exposed to numerous countdowns.  At the same time people, both in South Africa and internationally expressed concerns about SA's ability to host the event.  Today is the last match, a glorious final between Spain and Holland and we have thankfully proved them wrong.

Just take a look a the beautiful spaces - our stadiums - that we offered to the world!  Crime was minimalised and visitors were able to come to South Africa and really enjoy african hospitality.  For us, having the world here has been amazing.  Last night hubby and i went out and found ourselves surrounded by foreigners.  A table of Spainish people were sitting next to us and it was amazing.

I had never watched a full soccer match before the world cup and may never again but i loved the world cup experience.  I felt a huge connection with all South Africans as we welcomed the world and mourned the exit of our national team.  I know that this country has so many challenges but it was great just to put them on the back burner and have some fun for a while....  I loved the vuvuzela's - our south african soccer horn that drove the guests crazy but that they are taking home with them by the dozens.  We really had an african world cup.  Wonderful!

Despite all of that, i am glad that the world cup is coming to an end.  We loved it all but it exhausted us all and I think its time to end it and memorialise it in memory.  After all, we will always be able to say - we were there!  Now lets hold thumbs for our olympic bid 2020!

And of course, we need to end it all with a great Spainish win!  Ole, ole, ole, ole!  Viva Espana!



  1. Congratulations on hosting a successful World Cup! We loved watching it on t.v. Thanks for the pictures---

  2. Hello Allison

    I loved your post on Winter..I could not agree more. I thought this year I would do a mind change...I was determined to make Winter happier. So, the first half of Winter I braved it every afternoon and sun tanned. Yes I was brave but I thought that if I got to feel the Sun , even though some days that cold wind blew on my skin, It would still feel a little Summery. I succeeded and I felt really good. Lately, the weather has been darn awful. I now have the Winter blues~ when the cold gets into your bones. So, come on Summer!

    THe world cup was great. I did not follow soccer until now and I absolutely love it now. The atmosphere was fantastic...and now its all over.

    Anyway Allison, A happy day to you

    Warm regards
    Suzanne you have a setup where you can accept followers?

  3. I tear up everytime I read something happy about the World Cup!