Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend madness

What a weekend.  It was great and it was exhausting.  First off we went to my sister - in - law to be's kitchen tea.  Her bridesmaids did a great job, with the theme of "Desperate housewife". 
Here is a photo of the future Mr and Mrs.  My brother is covered in paint which is supposed to be mud.  He was the supposed to be the sexy gardener at the party.  We all had a good laugh.

After that we raced off to a friend's marriage celebration.  They got married a week ago in the Eastern Cape but then came up to Johannesburg to celebrate with family and friends here.  They hosted a lovely dinner although my kids were taking strain after the full day.  They were distracted by the great dane though which helped.  Two days later Seth is still talking about the "huge" dog.

And finally although Sunday was restful it was also tiring.  The kids swam for the first time.  We braaied outside and i dragged myself to gym. 

Now for a new week and a recommitment to my weigh less.  My weigh in is on Wednesday and although i was pretty good with all the functions, lots of little treats snuck in.....

Here is a skinnier week....


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