Friday, September 3, 2010

Spring day assembly

It all started with this bunch of flowers that we quickly collected from our garden.  Thankful for the early spring blooms.

Then we found mom's old beach hat and stapled and pinned all the flowers on.  We added the SPRING lettering on after thanks to Mom's huge scrapbooking stash.  Gabby and I agreed that it looked pretty nifty!

And finally the hat was placed upon his head and the whole family declared that he looked great.  Despite my flu, i stopped into the spring assembly.  The grade ones were allowed to wear their spring hats and walk up onto the stage individually.  Gabby looked so at ease and did a wonderful turn on stage.  The school played the "Teddy bear's picnic" song and we all clapped in time.  The school hall looked wonderful, all decorated in flowers and butterflies.

Then i had to leave while he took his picnic blanket and lunch box for a picnic on the grounds.  Lucky boy!

And tonight we are all off to the Spring Disco!  I love this season.  This flu is not even getting me down!


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