Thursday, August 26, 2010

Winters dying gasps

This morning i woke up in a really good mood.  I think that this was due to two things:
  1. Seth has slept the whole night in his bed and i had no nocturnal visitors.
  2. I could hear the birds outside and the room was light even though it was 5:30am.
Bliss.  BLISS.  Perhaps it is cruel to be so ecstatic around the ending of a session but i am so glad to see winter go.  We celebrate the arrival of Spring on the 1st September, which i  know is not technically the arrival of spring.  But it is easier for me to just divide the year into four three month periods.

I feel so much more alive.  More motivated to eat better, live better.  Life is easier to celebrate in the summer sun.  My garden is a show of new green leaves and dark red buds.  The oak trees are covered in the newest, greenest of leaves.  I am gardening, painting, cleaning, throwing away.


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