Monday, August 23, 2010

Celebrating G

There is a little boy who lives in my house called Gabriel.  I am his mom but after almost seven years i still struggle to get my head around the idea that i could have had anything to do with the making of someone so wonderful.  He is growing up everyday and i am so proud, heartsore, happy.  Today i am celebrating him just because he is himself.  Because isnt that the truest of gifts to celebrate someone not because of their doing but because of their true spirits.  The idea that you are enough just because you are you.  And you Gabriel, are enough, so very enough just because you are you.

Right now i am celebrating the fact that:
  • I can finally spend time reading with you.  You love the goosebumps range and we lay under the covers and read a whole book yesterday.
  • That you sit behind me on the couch and softly play with my hair, while telling me: "I am just taking the knots out mom.."
  • That you are wise beyond your years and although sometimes you can boss your younger brother around, it always comes from a place of love and concern.
  • That you tell me how you are going to live next door to me when you are married and visit me every day.  I dont quite believe you but i love the fact that you say it non the less!
  • That you are growing into a little boy, going to school, making friends, learning to read, being wonderful.
Who knew all those years ago what a wonderful gift i was getting?  You are the magic wind in the sails of my life.....


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  1. I have a Goosebump book in my box of books in the garage here that I bought when I was a kid, still when Ouma was alive, I will bring it for G