Thursday, February 4, 2010

bright moments in the midst of mundane madness

As a mother of two small children i find that most of my life is just about satisfying mundane madness.  I wake early and crash late and fill the hours in between with hundreds of little tasks that are all necessary for life in the W family to run smoothly.  Small children require constant care, then i work a full day (while constantly mentally tracking my kids day:  Oh!  Its 10am so Seth will be having snack right now at creche and Gabby will be on 1st break....)  On the whole i love it.  Domestic life is largely bliss for me, i need to admit.  Of course that does not mean that it does not drive me crazy sometimes.  Especially domestic work!

But this year, as a result of my conscious refocus to put my family first i have found myself seeking what i call my bright moments in this mundane life.  When you have small children you have to be on the look out for your bright moments, because just like kids they are fast and fleeting.  But when you spot them, grasp them and really savour them they can be mind blowing.  In the last couple of days life has given me a couple of them and i have made sure to grasp them...
  • I love my kids right now.  Okay, maybe that is not the right term as i always love my kids even when they have devil horns firmly on their heads.  I am ENJOYING  my boys right now.  They are cute and fun and loving and fun.  I am proud of them and think that they are shaping up to be pretty cool people.  People that i would want to hang out with.  I like it when we have quiet special moments.  Last night Seth fell asleep early and i was reading to Gabby on my bed.  Suddenly he turned to me and asked:  "Would you swop me for any other kid?"  I replied: "No, not even if he was made of Gold!".  Which pleased him no end.  He threw his arms around me in total joy and said:  "Thats cool!".  I love this kid!  I love Seth perched on a stool staring at the toaster so that he can watch the toast pop up while shouting "Pop!Pop!".  I love his spiderman obsession and the long conversations that he has with his toys.
  • I love my hubby right now.  We are revived by the reconfirmed commitment to go to Australia together.  I love that we still have a spark and that we are such good friends.  I really count my marriage as one of my greatest life gifts.  This man fills my soul!
  • Yesterday i heard that my best friend may also be coming to Australia.  She is like a sister to me and i cant tell you how amazing news this is.  They had applied to go to Canada but where declined and have now decided that Australia is the way to go.  We have been friends for 16 years and we always said that we would outlive our husbands and keep each other company in our old age.  This makes the whole process more bearable for me.  Our children call each other cousins and they really are like family to me.
  • I am feeling so good about work right now.  I am back where i fit and the work is exciting for me again after my 8 months absence.  I really am a social worker by heart and nature and even though i enjoy management that is really where my passion lies. I would much rather be in operations then in the boardroom.
  • And finally, this weekend i have a wonderful date planned with my gorgeous hubby for his birthday.  We have dinner and the theater followed by drinks.  I am looking forward to having some quality time with him.  Thanks to my great cousin for baby sitting.
So at the risk of sound smug and painful, life is really good right now.  Mind over matter.... If you dont mind, it doesnt matter!


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