Monday, April 27, 2009

creative juices

Well here is the thing. I am pretty handy. I can crochet, i can scrapbook, embroider, BUT i cannot sew. Well, at least i have convinced myself that i cannot sew. It looks hard! Despite this fear i have a sewing machine that i bought new about 5 years ago. I also have boxes of fabric, a box of pattens, pins, elastic and various other items required for this craft. Their existence says more about my compulsive buying then anything assumed skill!

But today i was inspired and turns out i can sew a little bit after all. I made flannel pj pants for G and a table cloth for my kitchen from my Mpumalanga fabric. And it looked pretty good. You have got to love kids. G was just happy that the pants were made from astronaut fabric and forgave me all the other issues. But they did fit and looked fine. So the next task will be some dinosaur pj's for Seth and some adult Pj's for the grown ups in the house. The great thing is the quickness. A real boost for the ego. I mean who needs to work for 6 months on a sampler when you get immediate gratification from a pair of Pj's.

On another note i got my photos back from the shop. About 120 photos to scrap! I would give a toe away not to have to go to work tomorrow. Man, that scrapbooking desk is screaming my name!

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