Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Captured on film!

I need to get my butt into gear and do some scrapbooking.  Like yesterday.  I was pretty good when we got back and i was on leave and i managed to wade through all the xmas photos and get them done.  I even started an album for Ms peanut and scrapped her pregnancy test.  Then my scrapbooking desk got cleaned and even though everything looks lovely and clean i lost my momentum.  Why can i only work in quasi chaos?

I now have a pack of wonderful pics, including the ones above that need to be filed away.  I find that with the ever growing family, some scrapping is really heartfelt family scrapping and other is just chore scrapping.  This does not mean that scrapping is EVER a chore but it is about capturing all the routine xmas, birthday, karate, sport and school photos that stream in continously and get so lost.  If i dont keep up i land up with boxes of photos that can quickly become meaningless even if they are really important and mean a lot to the kids.  So i need to do something!!!

I have started Ms peanut's baby sampler so feel pretty good about that.  I forgot how long cross stitch can take.  So after a week i have done the central letter M.  It is an alphabet sampler of baby elephants.  I can do another 24 weeks, excluding the border so I need to move this along.

Otherwise Ms Peanut is fine, just getting stronger and kicking me on a regular basis.  There are no complaints from her mama because it is reassuring to know that all is fine and she is growing in leaps and bounds.

On the home front i have had domestic drama.  We have had loads of rain here and this led to electrical work that needed to be done, work on my geyser and then my stove decided to call it a day.  My new stove arrived yesterday and they are installing it today.  I think that my biggest concern is that my oven will bake well.  The old stove really needed to be replaced but i hung onto it because the oven baked so well.  I am planning to try it out this weekend and hope i am not disappointed.

But we are sailing towards the end of January and cannot believe how quickly time flies.  The boys are all fine with Gabby settling into grade two with barely a peep.  Seth has started speech therapy last week and is doing so well already. Just more homework for mom!!

Go gently and be wonderful!

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