Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Getting ready for christmas

We get ready for christmas twice.

First we decorate our own home.  We put upour advent calendar, fill the baskets with chocolates. Mom buys gifts galore, wrapping goes on under cover.

Then we pack upour life a couple of days before christmas and travel down to the coast on the annual pilgrimage to be with our family.  Its been eleven years since we left the small town where we grew up and we still call it going home.  It involves a very full car and a trailer full of stuff, two kids, lots of snacks, lots of stops, portable DVD players and lots of patience. 

Sometimes i feel a bit sad that my kids dont know christmas in their home.  When i grew up we only ever spent christmas in our home, going off to my gran for lunch, who lived in the same small town.  Now i wonder if my kids will ever knew the sensation of opening their gifts under their own tree.

But i also know that we make such great memories when we go home.  Sun, sea, surf  and christmas spent with cousins and grandparents.  For a family preparing to move to another country every christmas i can give them like this is precious.  I know that we will have many christmas celebrations alone as a family.

And after wrapping approximately 40 gifts today i am kind of glad to go to someone elses house.

Baby is growing fine with no sign of distress.  I just wish that it was not such a long break to my next scan.  I only get to see peanut again in January.  I am in that weird stage of pregnancy where you no longer feel ill or tired but dont feel huge yet.  So sometimes you wonder if you arent just fat and not pregnant!  However, as pregnancy is making my hair fall out constantly (literally.... my brush is full of it on a daily basis!!!), that is some reminder.

Hope all your christmas planning is going well, whether you are foing to be home or away.


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