Monday, December 6, 2010

Still here.

A short note to say:
  • I am still here.
  • Technology has failed me terribly in the last few weeks hence my silence.  Everything crashed from my cell phone to my lap top to my internet connection.  Which seemed like a message from the universe to withdraw and rest my soul.
  • I have 3 days left at work and am scrambling to finish all the last minute things to do.
  • The christmas tree is up, the stockings are hung, the seaside vacation is booked, the mama is starting to buy the gifts (cos Santa is busy this year and asked for my help)!
  • This Mama is going to weep tears of joy when this school year is over.  The last few weeks have been a haze of carols evenings, art exhibitions and prize givings.
  • And my sweet boy is seven as of the 1st December and sweet boy number two is turning 4 later this month, which all means lots more madness for the mama.
  • AND, the biggest news is that there is a new little baby W on the way, due first week of June, making me 14 weeks and already tired of being pregnant.  But very, very, very happy!
 Lots more news to follow!!


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