Thursday, May 6, 2010

The eskimo pledge

First off I want to take my public eskimo pledge which says:  "Although i hate winter with a passion, cant get out of bed in the morning, hate grey skies and gazillion items of clothing, sick kids and miserable hubbies, i hereby solemnly pledge not to be a total pain in the butt and bitch and complain in every single blog post for the next three months."

Okay.  Thats out there.  When i look back over my posts last winter i am generally miserable.  Now granted last year i was really not in a good space but still.  I NEED to be more positive then that!  And i do believe very strongly that we have the ability to shape our life experiences with our thoughts and outlook.  So this winter i will focus on the positive of the season and seek out ways to create and experience joy in the moment.  Even if it just the happiness of hot chocolate and my huge fuzzy gown.

I have finally emerge victorious over the resident evil germs and although i had to keep Seth home for two days with a budding cold this seems to have cleared up.  This may be as a result of the flu shot that i gave him last month?  I am not sure but i am grateful regardless.

Otherwise all is well with the W's:
  • I am looking forward to a quiet mother's day with my family.
  • I am looking forward to seeing my cousin this weekend.
  • I must finish my cross stitch this weekend so that i can start on my brother's wedding sampler.  REALLY now!!  I need to get this item done and framed and behind me!
  • On a lighter note i am going to restrain myself from going crazy with my 3 year old, who has developed the new super power of whining!  He finally talks and now he does so in the most miserable voice if anything, and i mean anything is wrong!  And he also says "Leave me alone" and "Dont look at me!" a lot.  Wow!  the golden years!!!
Wishing you all a peaceful run up to the weekend.


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  1. I am feeling the same about the new season and also went through my old blogs from last winter, wish I hadn't because it made me remember shite I was better off forgetting!I can also see my diet taking a nose dive, if I maintain my weight by September, I will be impressed! C u Saturday