Monday, December 7, 2009

So close i can taste it.

I have four days left at work.  The thought sends me into raptures.  This has been a crazy year.  Although i seem to say that every year.  But being a full time career girl, attempted domestic goddess and mother to two kids under the age of 6 has made for an exciting mix.  If you didnt pick it up, the domestic goddess quip was done sarcastically!  There just seems to be too much to do and too little time.  Since i started gym a month or two ago, my day can start at 4:40am when i wake up and end at 10:00pm when i crash.  And there is no down time in between.  Its gym, come home, shower, dress, feed kids, dress kids, pack bags, off to work, work my ass off, race home, stop at shops, fetch kids, cook supper, feed family, bath kids, quality time with kids, read to kids, get kids to sleep, quality time with hubby / turn on computer and do frantic work , go to bed.  Sounds fab, doesnt it?

So ja, let the summer holidays roll on.  The temptation though is to over use every second of this time.  In my life down time is just a luxury so when you get 3 weeks off, you are so tempted to clean out the cupboards, cook every day, bake with your kids, finish endless craft projects and lets not even talk about being the domestic goddess of christmas.  Sometimes i think that working moms even suffer more from this pressure.

That is why i am relieved with the way that my leave has panned out.  I have four days off by myself.  (BY MYSELF??? can you even imagine 4 days all by yourself?)  Then East London for a week and a half, back to work for a week and then 3 days off when Gabby starts school for the first time.  Those three days will be half days for me, so i will still get mornings to myself.

But who am i kidding?  I love the madness!  I love the chaos!  Life is short and i may as well milk every moment of it.  It cant be that bad if i am considering throwing another kid in the mix!  I keep telling myself that soon they will be sulky teenagers with no interest in me.  They will all go out on Saturdays and i can sit on the couch, do my sewing and watching mind numbing tv shows.  But until then i have another ten years or so to go!  And until then i have a summr holiday breathing thankfully down my neck!


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