Thursday, December 3, 2009

The end is near

I have seven days until i go on leave.  I will be off from the 11th December till the 5th of January.  I am only being sustained by the thought of the sloth and leisure that i will enjoy during this time.  But one step back..... Gabriel's 6th birthday went wonderfully.  I woke him up for school with a chocolate cake and six candles.  This was followed by gifts.  Jason and i splurged and bought him a casio keyboard so that he can practice his piano playing at home.  Then it was off to school with 60 cupcakes (Which mom had forgotten to buy and so had to pick up from the local woolworths after work at a hideous cost!) and another chocolate cake for the teachers.

I managed to leave work a bit early so that i could collect him and take him shopping for a gift from his gran.  Then dad came home and we went out for supper.  Now we are all in full swing for the birthday party next weekend on the 12th.  I have distributed the invites and am in that terrible phase where i am waiting for hte patents to reply.  I too am a terrible RSVP person so i cannot even complain.  So far i have 7 kids confirmed which makes me feel a bit better, at least with that and the adults i can rustle up a party.  Of course when people take their time to reply i have to fight the terrible urge to send out more invites, which will only be a disaster when they all reply on the last moment!!!

On a deeper note i am blown away by the fact that my son is 6 and that my baby will be 3 in a couple of weeks.I am blown away by how much i love, no adore my children.  I am blown away by how much i like them as people.  They still take my breath away.  You really do discover a whole new level of love once you become a parent.  Gabriel is such a well behaved, kind intelligent child.  Sometimes i need to remind myself to tone done and not see him as an angel but he truely is.  Sure he has his moments of cheekiness, sibling rivalry etc, but i know that if he continues the way he is, he is going to be a great man.  A man that i will be so proud to say that i raised.  And this in no way means that i dont feel the same about Seth.  That kid knocks my socks off me and i am just loving him and his weird three year old ways right now!

Today is international day for the disabled and i am in the community for a celebratory event.  I am tired and tired!  I had a squabble with my hubby this morning about me working late last night, which is not what i needed so that has made me more tired.

But i am seven days.... and counting......

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