Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I've lost that loving feeling

Just 6 weeks ago we were all fresh from a coastal summer holiday.

We had tans, real tans and we were not very grumpy.  We even started missing JHB after two weeks in sleepy little East London.  We missed the drama and the smog.  Were we crazy?  Yes of course we were, but the point is we felt fabulous.  Granted my kids were trying to kill each other after a month of unbroken time in each others company.  But look at these pictures, we were beachy, bubbly and still had sand in our shoes.

Now we have kind of lost our sparkle a bit.  We are happy about Miss Peanut's continued growth and the new addition but damn life is pretty mundane at present.  We are Mad with a capital M.  Work is crazy, kids social lives are crazy.  School is busy.  Mom is tired.  Mom is grumpy.  Dad is laying low from grumpy mom.  Mom is counting the weeks till maternity leave.  And 13 weeks seem a long time.

Mom is getting miserable about even happy things like decorating Miss P's room.  I am pissed at the sheer task of painting walls and re-carpeting floors.  I want to have enough money to go on a holiday and give instructions and come back and BAM..... it is all perfect.  I dont want to organise a painter or get carpet quotes or have curtains made.  I want to be a lady of leisure.  Sigh.

So we are all day counting.  Slightly perked after we saw the public holidays in April.... only 6 weeks away. 

We've got to get out of this place.  Not sure if a weekend break at 32 weeks pregnant will be feasible but i am looking into it.


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