Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday ramblings

I typed a whole post.  I deleted it.  It didnt seem real.  It was all about balance and how i need it.  But that is old news and i just felt like i was stating the obvious.  I am pregnant, tired, working hard, juggling - balance is the glue that holds my life together right now.  I dont always get it right.

I actually had a pretty good weekend.  I rested.  We braaied.  We swam.  We were at home together.  I realised that my life is not that bad.  It was like a giant kick in the bum, get with the programme moment.  I felt better.  I wont say that i was engulfed in gratitude what with my swollen ankles and what not but hey!

I am trying to rest a bit more, do a bit less, laugh with the kids, talk to them.  They make me laugh.  They are pretty cool.  I like the fact that they are getting personalities.  I hope that they will still want to come to my house and my table when they are all grown up and talk to me.  I would like that.

I did some work on the princess's room.  It looks good.  I do a double take everytime i walk past the room on the way to the loo.  It is a lot of pink and purple.  It doesnt really feel like it belongs there after years of blue.  I still feel overwhelmed a bit by having a daughter.  But hey i felt overwhelmed with Gabriel, because he was first.  I felt overwhelmed with Seth, because how was i going to cope with two.  I am of the opinion that a lot of parenthood is about sinking or swimming.  And as sinking is not really an option, i have to just put my water wings on and make the best of it.

Lots of rambling- with a basic message.  I am fine.  My life is trundling along.  I dont particularly want to kill my hubby or kids.  I dont want to kill any of my colleagues (at least not today!).  I am seeing Ms Peanut again at the doctor on wednesday.  I think i am going to make it.

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  1. I think you will make it! If you could cope with 2 then another little pink one will just bring more joy! :) Having a girl is fantastic. I have no experience of having sons, and I'm told its great. I don't know how you manage to raise 2 sons, keep a hubby happy, and keep a job while you are swollen... must be a real challenge. I'm rooting for you - when do you go on pregnancy leave?